Catherine Grace

Like A Girl

Branding + Digital

The aim of Like A Girl is connect, inspire, and encourage women around the world by sharing stories of kick ass women.


At the beginning of the project, Like A Girl solely existed as a series on the blog Sentence Fragments. However, the series was rapidly gaining more exposure, and more high profile interviews and quickly outgrowing the small platform. Keeping mind the long term goals of Like A Girl, it was clear that a seperate platform needed to be developed to accommodate for the coming changes.


Several challenges immediately presented themselves. First, with Like A Girl still in it’s early stages, the brand voice and vision were still not clearly defined, as a result, it was harder to establish a visual identity that represented the brand. Second, with several high profile interviews in the works the brand identity and platform needed to be developed quickly. This severely limited research, brainstorm and prototyping time. And, third, to this point the site had only existed as a blog series. This made it difficult to break down analytics and define actionable goals for future growth. However, through strategic problem solving, these challenges were resolved.


Several goals were firmly established before the project began they were a combination of actionable and broad goals. Establish a clean and simple brand identity that’s eye-catching, increase new user traffic to the site and decrease bounce rate, focus on the interviews, design and develop an intuitive site as a platform for like a girl, create a fun, inviting, inclusive and engaging space to empower and encourage women around the world.


Throughout our research we discovered the following
– Unique site, it’s focus is on connecting people and the potential for community.
– 60% traffic to the previous interviews was coming from mobile devices, the site needed to not only responsive but also continue the same experience when transitioning to mobile.
– Important that the site focuses on the content of Like A Girl, as it main source of traffic and readership
– A archive of interviews needed to be accessible and easy to use


– Simple logo, circular empathies unity. At this early stage it simply needed to represent the brand.
– Keep the site simple at this stage, emphasise interviews.
– Keep the colour palette muted, again, emphasise content
– Selective use of bright colours to highlight key content
– Allow for expansion in the future.


As the project had to be executed quickly the only prototypes that were developed were quick sketches, crude hand-drawn wireframes and basic high-fidelity mockups for the home and post pages. From there, the website moved straight into the development phase.


The site was developed on the CMS due to it’s flexible and adaptable nature and easy to use client back end.


– Made it simpler for readers to access the interviews
– Decrease in average bounce rate to 54%.
– Increase in new user sessions to 92%
– Brand Direction
– clean simple, pops of colour
– circular logo to convey unity
– no frills, bare minimum identity at this stage, allow brand to grow into it’s own


The site was designed to be a temporary solution (a more complex and interactive site is already in the works) and in reflection that did impact the way the process was handled from start to finish it was rushed. In addition, due to the quick deadline, it meant that a lot of more formal research aspects of the process were compromised which in hindsight has impacted the site’s performance. In the future the project will need to be allocated sufficient time to complete all the research and be given due thought and care.